After the successful launch of Ethikos-France in October 2012, René Villemure will be presenting, for the first time in Europe, the « Business Ethical DNA » and the « Ethical corporation » programs.

You will be able to follow his activities in the French medias as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and on

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René Villemure is a philosophy trained Ethicist and a Trend Spotter. He founded the Quebec Institute for Applied Ethics in 1998, Ethikos in 2003 and Ethikos-France in 2012.

Since the creation of the Quebec Institute for Applied Ethics, René Villemure has written more than forty ethical reports or inventories, and wrote just as many Values and Mission Guidelines statements. In the same period, he trained over 40,000 people on ethical questions in more than 400 organizations in America, in Europe and in Africa.

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