Each year, the College pays tribute to the exceptional contributions of its speakers in awarding the Recognition Award to those who performed more than 25 hours of teaching. 

René Villemure is involved in the Corporate Governance Certification program’s Module 1,  “Roles and responsibilities of Corporate Directors” as well as in the “Financial services Governance ” program. 

Mr. Villemure graduated in philosophy from the University of Sherbrooke in 1998. He founded the “Quebec Institute of Applied Ethics” in 1998, Ethikos (2003) and Ethikos-France (2012). 

He was the first Ethicist in Canada to work on Ethical management before this discipline was called “Corporate governance”.

Governments, politicians and leaders of large companies in America, Europe and Africa seek his views. Over the years, he oversaw “Ethical benchmarking” of over 40 large organizations and designed over fifty Mission and Values statements for his clients. 

René Villemure’s latest conference is entitled “The World in 2030 “. 

* * *

Laval University’s Directors College is the first French institution dedicated to the Certification of Corporate Directors.  The College was founded in 2005 with four prestigious partners. It offers the expertise of more than 125 speakers and is supported by an experienced and prestigious board of directors.  The Directors College is a leader in the training of Boards members in Canada. 

For more information visit www.ethique.net

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