In spite of its reputation, ethics is not as well known as we may think it is. Of course, everybody knows the word “ethics” but, at the same time, very few could say what ethics is really about or what ethics implies. Too often we only know ethics by its opposite: the lack or breach of ethics.


Now more than ever board members must act proactively to ensure they grow their board to its full ethics-based potential. As a board member, where transparency, compliance and performance are key words, what about corporate culture, values and ethics? What should we know in order to better use culture, rule-based ethics and value-based ethics?


Join us for this 60-minute webinar that will present the ethical fundamentals for board members. René Villemure, international ethicist and trend spotter, will demonstrate the importance of measuring ethical awareness on the board and show how this measure can be achieved through a program called BoardEthics ( Very much a trailblazer, René is the first ethicist in Canada to study ethics management within large organizations.



Webinar Highlights


René Villemure will walk through how you can ensure your board of directors achieves sustainability in matters of ethics and leave an ethical footprint that is sustainable, notable and unique, lasting well beyond the terms of current administrators. René will address these questions:


  • How can ethics add to your business model?
  • How can board members be mobilized by building a sustainable ethical culture?
  • How can this be done, quickly, simply and efficiently?

About René


René Villemure is an international ethicist, field visionary and global innovator. He founded the Quebec Institute for Applied Ethics in 1998, Ethikos in 2003, and BoardEthics in 2014. Very much a trailblazer, he was the first ethicist in Canada to study ethics management within large organizations. Central to René’s efforts is how to promote, and make truly accessible, matters of ethics. Throughout the Americas, in Europe and Africa, his perspective is being sought by governments, politicians and executives from large organizations, both public and private. Over the years, he has conducted over 50 ethical reports and developed more than 60 mission statements and statements of values. He has also provided ethics training to some 55,000 people around the world, in over 450 organizations. Since 2009, René teaches Corporate Governance and Ethics at Laval University’s Directors College.

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