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Since your clients and partners are important to your business, why don’t you offer them an intimate session with a world-renown expert on ethics and culture?

This fall, we present 


René Villemure Unplugged

In a setting of your choice, twenty of your guests could experience a no-holds-barred talk on ethics with René Villemure.

  • Where will their business be in terms of ethics in 5, 10 or 15 years?
  • What is their business’s ethical strategy in the face of Big Data and artificial intelligence which will eliminate millions of jobs over the next ten years? 
  • Beyond its own operations, what will their company do with the unemployed victims of progress?

In the course of the Unplugged Talk on ethics, in private, your client will be able to ask any question they may have on ethics and culture and, in return, benefit from a new way of looking at things from an expert point of view.

About René Villemure

René Villemure has a degree in philosophy and is a specialist in language and world affairs. His perspective is highly sought after by governments, politicians, and executives from large public and private organizations in North America, Europe, and Africa.

René Villemure’s pedagogical approach makes accessible subjects that may otherwise be complicated to understand.

Among his favourite topics:

Culture clashes, conflicts of interest, artificial intelligence, corruption, collective choices, looking at the world from a big-picture viewpoint, technological changes, privacy.”

Over the years, René Villemure has given more than 650 lectures, taught over 60,000 people in more than 600 organizations around the world, and participated in over 350 media interviews.

For more information: Sophie Hamel-Dufour, 514-369-2611,

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