René Villemure will be a panelist on the Implications of A.I. on Ethics and Compliance at the National Corporate Ethics & Integrity Summit on April 10th and 11th 2018 at the Beanfield Centre in Toronto.

The summit is an initiative of the Conference Board of Canada.

Can your ethics program withstand today’s pressure?

Building, maintaining and reinforcing an organizational culture of ethics and integrity is a perpetual challenge for leaders. The pressures of today are even greater as companies are under intense public and regulatory scrutiny regarding their behavior and that of their employees. 

At the same time, the barriers between private behavior and workplaces are being eroded by social media and new technologies that intertwine the reputations of workplaces and the people that work for them or their suppliers. 

The National Corporate Ethics and Integrity Summit will examine the latest developments in ethics. It will bring together corporate leaders and ethics practitioners to provide them with the insights and tools they need to drive business success.

Learn from companies that have had ethical challenges and strengthen your organization’s ethical backbone.

Major corporate scandals have highlighted the ongoing challenge of unethical behavior by individuals or teams within organizations. There is an opportunity for Canadian companies to differentiate themselves through a robust approach to ethics and integrity. Explored through a Canadian lens, this Summit will offer a unique opportunity to hear from corporate leaders and engage in interactive discussions on today’s top ethical and integrity issues and the impact on Canadian businesses. Major conference themes are: 

  1. Bridging Ethics Policies and Corporate Culture 
  2. Building an Ethical Ecosystem
  3. Transforming Ethics Through Technology

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