Ethics is the key to solving social issues.

At a time when the security of the planet is at stake, when the balance between the powers of nations is shifting, when governments are challenged by movements of mistrust around the world, when young people are questioning their future, many continue to reduce ethics to the prevention of fraud and corruption.

Yet, and we must not forget, ethical issues are present far beyond cases of embezzlement: ethics is at the heart of society, in the issues that concern us all, every day.

In 2020, without ethics, it will be impossible:

– To arbitrate between the climate emergency and the preservation of individual rights;

– To act on war and peace in the world;

– To reflect on the limits of democracy in its current form;

– To decide whether corporations can and should replace governments;

– To seriously reflect on immigration;

– To understand that finance cannot be unethical;

– To debate censorship by pressure groups;

– Deciding whether to replace caregivers or doctors with robots because they are more profitable;

– Assessing the consequences and choices to be made in caring for an aging population;

– Debate gender identity, then possibly review social policies;

– Establish the future of agriculture and food choices in a world of ever-growing population;

– Land development planning in the context of global warming.

As the year is beginning, we hope that ethics will return to the top of the agenda, that it will take its rightful place in current events and in the management of societal issues.

We hope that ethics will no longer be associated with a scandal, an outrage orreduced to an anecdote.

Individual, economic or partisan interests cannot be the only guides or the only criteria that will lead to ethical decisions for all in the issues facing – and will face – the societies of the 2020s.

Rather than acting by reflex, rather than governing by poll or letting the pulse of social media lead political, economic and diplomatic decisions, it is high time to see that ethics is the key to solving the aforementioned issues.

In the turmoil of the 2020s, ethics can guide the choices we will all have to make.

Happy 2020 from the ETHIKOS team!

René Villemure

Sophie Hamel-Dufour

Jean-François Brideau

Hélène Villemure