A code without ethics

In a bar codes, you find barsIn a genetic code, you find genes. So why do we, too often, only find standards and rules and so little ethics in a code of ethics? Why is ethics sometimes only found in the title of the code of ethics?  Is ethics still so little known? Or could it […]

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Mass-produced vs made-to-measure ethics

Time is just a fraction of duration, a moment existing between two other moments. No matter how loudly you yell at it to hurry up, a caterpillar won’t turn into a butterfly any faster. Nature works at its own pace – it takes a few weeks to produce a butterfly and a whole lifetime to produce […]

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Your Business Ethical DNA

Your Business Ethical DNA: Ethics beyond a code

From yesterday to tomorrow…

Gaston Berger said: “Nothing happened since the Neolithic era; now something important is happening: the world is changing”. The world and society have changed. Has your business changed too? How about your Ethical (not only digital) Identity?  Can you recognize the ethical values carried out by your organization? Do you know how to integrate an ethical dimension into the uniqueness of your company or your brand in order to make it an instrument of distinction, thus of great appreciation?


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