Excerpt from a Talk on Ethics & IA

Here's an excerpt from a Talk on Ethics & IA presented on January 18th at the Strategic Forum on Artificial Intelligence. The event is aproduction from the Metropolitan Montreal Chamber of commerce.Video is in French with English sub-titles.

René Villemure at Cercle K 2

Cercle K2 is a think tank which provides private or public institutions, as well as professionals from various sectors of industry, with a platform for thought, discussion, and action. Its scope is broad: Cercle K2 addresses inter alia, questions on economic development, human ressources, cybercrime, economic and financial security and...


Recognition Award 2014

Each year, the College pays tribute to the exceptional contributions of its speakers in awarding the Recognition Award to those who performed more than 25 hours of teaching.  René Villemure is involved in the Corporate Governance Certification program’s Module 1,  “Roles and responsibilities of Corporate Directors” as well as in...