Purpose & Values

For a worldwide player in the food industry, with operations in more than 60 countries and counting more than 10,000 employees, we developed a unique set of Purpose, Ambition and Values that consolidated a corporate culture that led to a reduced turnover and a lasting sense of community.


On behalf of a pharmaceutical company we developed an ethical position that enabled the company to help convince decision-makers to better understand a health issue and convince them to take a favourable action on the issue.

Ensuring comprehension

For a global security company with more than 10,000 employees with different cultural backgrounds, drafting of the company’s position in order to ensure comprehension of internal and external security risks, enabling the company to reduce failure and increase the quality of its service.


to forecast

  • Better understand your fundamentals
  • Purpose and values in a new world
  • Identification of ethical blindspots
  • Ethical foresight
  • Strategic communication
  • Coaching of management and executive teams


To protect

  • Ethics as the cornerstone of your reputation
  • Building sustainable ethical capital
  • Ethical leadership
  • Building a sustainable ethical culture
  • Ethical watch


To convince

  • Development of ethical, strategic and political arguments
  • Putting your values into action
  • Advising leaders in making ethical decisions
  • Evaluation of ethical issues and recommendations for action


Ethics in action

    • Identification of ethical blindspots on the board of directors
    • Predict corporate culture and ethical compatibility in mergers & acquisitions

Ethical opinions

To decide

  • Setting decision-making priorities
  • Assessment of ethical issues
  • Ethical decision making with justification
  • Preparation of a comprehensive ethical opinion